High and Tight Haircut with Cool Shaved Hair Style

Shave your head’s sides for an epic high and tight hairstyle

The High and Tight haircut is the kind of haircut that, while not immensely popular among males, it still enjoys a small-albeit-strong following among young men. One of the primary reasons for the high and tight haircut to not be as popular as other men’s hair styles like the undercut haircut or the Ivy League haircut is that the high and tight requires the hair to be buzzed short; in fact, it requires the hair to be buzzed “very” (keyword emphasis) short. As in very short as per all standard military haircuts for men that are used by most military forces around the world.

A photograph of a handsome US Marine wearing a shaved high and tight haircut as he prepares himself for his graduation

We get our legions of male customers at our barbershop looking for new and hip short haircuts, so the high and tight haircut does get recommended by our barbers a lot. However, the mere thought of buzzing their hair to a zero hair-clipper length or even getting their hair shaved scares even the most haircut-determined males.

The high and tight haircut is a manly haircut

The truth is that the high and tight haircut is an awesome men’s haircut: it’s a low-maintenance haircut and it’s also an easy-to-do haircut (i.e. you can do it by yourself). What’s more is that the high and tight haircut suits almost all males as the haircut has a magic ability to further masculinize men’s faces (i.e. make you look manlier). Baby-faced folks coming to our barbershop asking for a manly haircut to stop the baby-face jokes soon find themselves exiting our barbershop with a freshly-buzzed high and tight haircut. It’s a manly haircut, and it just works.

A funny photograph of a British Royal Marine getting a buzz cut haircut in the form of a shaved high and tight hairstyle

In an effort to bring you the best men’s hairstyles and haircuts here at BestHairstylesForMen.net I’m posting below a set of pictures of a typical muscular male with a high and tight haircut (this is the prototypical male that mostly request high-and-tight haircuts at out b’shop). In this instance, however, this gent’s high and tight has been done with a shaved-hair emphasis, meaning that the hair on the back and sides of his head have been shaved instead of buzzed with a short hair-clipper length (the latter being a standard high and tight haircut). The hair on the top of his head has been buzzed to a number-five clipper length.

A picture of a handsome Latin male with a shaved high and tight haircut as per a typical haircut for MarinesA picture of a former US Marine wearing a high and tight hairstyle and who knows competes in MMA sanctioned fightsA photo of a buffed dude sporting a high and tight hairstyle complemented with the sides and back of his head shaved in similar fashion to the Recon haircutA picture of a muscular Cuban fighter sporting a military haircut known as a high and tight hairstyleA picture of a muscular Latin male with a cool high and tight recon haircut with shaved sidesA photograph of a muscular male with an aggressive-looking military haircut for his buzzed hairA picture of a male bodybuilder with a high and tight haircut with shaved sides

The haircut works really well for buffed guy but will also work very well for most men’s body shapes. You only need to take a look at this last picture below of the same guy without a high and tight haircut. Big difference in facial appearance, folks!

A photograph of a Latino male with a Caesar haircut for his short highlighted hair

If you have any questions about the high and tight haircut, then feel free to ask them below this article.

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