New 2016 Men’s Hairstyle Trend: Crazy Hair Coloring!

How hair coloring for men is the new 2016 hairstyle trend

Being a barber, I’m always happy to notice how a new men’s hairstyle trend is launching itself off. Usually I notice this when I start seeing the customers at our barbershop asking for a particular hairstyle more frequently than usual and in much larger numbers than usual (i.e. more and more customers asking for a given trending hairstyle or haircut). I’m sure I could even plot the standard deviation of requests for just about any haircut and point out where in the plotted deviation I can tell that a new hairstyle is starting to trend or is already trending!

Mathematics aside, being in this business for over two decades has already trained my eye to spot new male hairstyle trends. However, with the new hairstyle trend that I’ll be talking today about and that’s taking over your nearest good ol’ American barbershop, I’m not so happy; in fact, I’m terrified.

Coloring your hair bizarrely as the newest men’s hairstyle trend in 2015 to 2016

Gentlemen, it is with much regret that I have to inform you of the newest hairstyle trend that has already started for this 2015 Autumn season and which will be continuing strong all through to the Spring of 2016: the bizarre men’s hair coloring trend.

A barbershop photograph of a hipster male with slicked back green hair and a full beard

No, I’m not just talking of a cool surfer hairstyle with bleached ends or of some fancy highlights on an undercut bowl hairstyle as we had back in the 1990s. Nope, not even close. I’m talking of full-on blue hair coloring for men and other exotic hair colors for men’s hair, and done on male adults and not just kids. The trend is going as far as inciting adult men to get their hair in multiple colors; the hair dye being used is semi-permanent, so we ain’t talking of some silly hair dye that you use on your hair for Halloween’s day and then you wash it off the next day and get on with your life as a normal human being.

A funny picture of a hipster guy with a blue beard and a blue colored quiff hairstyle looking like a Smurf

I’m posting this as a hairstyle-watch article, so I’ll be keeping an eye on this hair-coloring trend develops. The trend has already started in Manhattan, as usual when it comes to hairstyle trends that are a bit too eccentric (e.g. the Lumbersexual hair look) in the hair-styling department. Sure, Manhattan has some of the best hairdressers, hairstylists and barbers in the whole country, but, damn it, there’s a group of them who always manages to push out some of the weirdest men’s hairstyle trends.

With the above said, a couple of hairdresser friends of mine at Manhattan have sent me some of their hair-colored pictures to illustrate the growing popularity of this exotic-hair coloring trend for men. Some of their customers have also agreed to send me their pictures so as to get the word out in the barbering world online. Other U.S cities where the men’s exotic-hair coloring trend is growing fast are Miami, San Francisco, Seattle and Dallas. I still remember when Dallas used to be a “cowboy-hairstyle” city and the barbershops there where as manly as chewing tobacco and eating steak. Oh, the modern hairstyle trends of the 2010s, what have you done to our profession?!

A barbershop photograph of a hipster guy with green colored hair and a blue beard and mustache done with Magic Panic A picture of two gay hipsters with long blue hair and a side part hairstyle as they pose in South beach A picture of a dude with a buzz cut hairstyle and his hair dyed orange with the Manic Panic hair-coloring product A side-profile photograph of a weird looking EMO guy with purple hair and a quiff hairstyle A picture of a male model with an EMO hairstyle colored in black and white with the Manic Panic dye as he wears a leather jacket A hair salon photograph of a gay male with a green beard and a buzz cut for his bleached hair

This bizarre hair-coloring trend even has some parents coloring their kids’ hair. As a barber and having seen all kinds of hairstyle atrocities, I just can’t understand why a father or a mother would get his kid’s hair colored with harsh chemicals, when the last thing that you want to do to your kid is expose him or her to any kind of chemicals. The kid below just looks like a walking rainbow and who knows how much of the crap used in these hair dyes has been absorbed by his delicate scalp.

A picture of a young boy with his hair colored with the Manic Panic dye and a side swept hairstyle done with a water based pomade

Anyway, I’ll be keeping an eye on this new exotic hair coloring trend for guys. If you have spotted this trend in your city or if you’re a barber, then feel free to let us know in the comments below about your experience.


2 comments for “New 2016 Men’s Hairstyle Trend: Crazy Hair Coloring!

  1. RustyNickels
    November 26, 2015 at 7:47 pm

    Big whoop. Usually the worst thing that happens with hair dye is a bad allergic reaction – and that usually depends on the brand/product. Has anyone actually died (not dyed) or become seriously messed up from coloring their hair (you know, with those toxic ingredients getting into the skin)?

  2. Mat
    February 26, 2016 at 3:36 pm

    Manic Panic Hair Color is Vegan and comes in every possible color imaginable. It’s also PPD, Peroxide and Ammonia-free. It only last a few washes kinda like dyeing (more like staining) your hair with kool-aid. If the child has blonde hair the parents could totally use Manic Panic without harming them.
    Every other brand of bright color hair dye I’ve used, like one ‘n only and ion don’t contain peroxide and don’t need to be mixed with a developer (peroxide)
    The process of getting the hair to a light enough level is where all the chemicals are. Plus it can be pretty painful on scalp and can cause chemical burns. I can’t imagine a child enduring that kinda of pain, or a parent who could watch their child go through that. The parents who could do that to their child wouldn’t waste crack money on dyeing their kids hair.
    If a parent is bleaching their kids hair and exposing them to all those harsh chemicals I totally agree with you that is wrong.

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