2 Step Undercut Hairstyle Guide

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An Epic Guide on the Trendy 2 Step Undercut Hairstyle for Men

The 2 step Undercut is the name we gave to a particular type of undercut hairstyle. In the 2 step Undercut, the hair is given a double undercut so that the hair is clipped with two horizontal layers. We coined this name for this type of haircut after talking with Rogelio of The Men’s Hair Book since this name is what is used in spanish for the haircut – ‘doble escalon’ in spanish which means double steps or 2 steps so we based the spanish-english translation of the haircut to call this type of undercut.

How to do the 2 step undercut hairstyle

The 2 step Undercut (aka 2-step Undercut or 2-steps haircut) is an easy haircut to do. All you need is a good hair clipper.

First start by buzzing everything below the horizontal line of the temples. Use a #4 guiding comb/guard to do the hair clipping at this stage. Since you will be clipping everything below the temple horizontal line, you will be clipping all the hair in your sides & back of the head.

You will thus have a regular Undercut at this stage which looks like this:

A two step Undercut hairstyle clipped in a barbershop

Notice how all the hair on the sides – and back too although you can’t see the back – is clipped with an even #4 for the undercut.

Once you have given your self the regular undercut, it is time to give yourself yet another undercut haircut. Now, face the mirror & imagine another horizontal line that is 2 inches below the temple horizontal line, so this imaginary line starts two inches below the temple horizontal line you used for the first regular undercut & goes all the way to the back of the head in a horizontal – straight – line. Ok, once you have that imaginary line, pick a #2 – number 2 length – guiding comb or guard & proceed to buzz everything below the – second – imaginary line you have imagined 2 inches below the temple horizontal line.

When you clip everything below the second imaginary line with a number 2 guiding comb, you will then see the hair that is above the second imaginary horizontal line and that is also below the temple horizontal line being the area that you had initially clipped with a number 4 guiding comb for the regular undercut. Because the length difference between a number 4 – aka #4 – and a number 2 – aka #2 – is noticeable, you will then have the horizontal layer of hair clipped with a #4 looking like a step & the hair below this step is the hair you clipped with a #2 which would then be the second & last step. So the haircut shaped with 2 steps you have just created is where the name comes from!

Because a picture is worth 1000 words, this is how the 2 step undercut looks:

A great 2 step Undercut hairstyle styled a by a male hairdresser

The 2 Step Undercut cut in a barbershop

A 2 Step Undercut hairstyle done by a barber

Another view of a 2-Step Undercut hairstyle

Can you see the 2 steps pattern in the above 2 step undercuts?

Now compare the 2 pictures above to this regular undercut below. The regular undercut could be called a 1 step undercut instead.

A regular undercut hairstyle

See in the picture above of the regular under cut how the hair on the side of the head that is below the temple horizontal line is clipped even with the same length – a #4. Now look again to the 2 pictures earlier of the 2 step undercuts. See the difference? the 2 steps shape is the difference!

Styling the 2 step undercut

The hair on the top of the head can be as long as you want. Usually, a good range of lengths are between2 inches to 8 inches which equals medium to long lengths. Good styles to get are side swepts, slicked backs, brush ups, messy styles and casual side parts. For curly hair, slicked back works great.

Cool 2 Step Undercut hairstyle with pompadour

Hair products for the 2 step undercut

Even tho for this 2-steps haircut you will be clipping an additional step to a regular undercut, the tools and products needed for clipping and styling are the same between a regular undercut and a 2 step undercut. You will need a good hair clipper, and then either a pomade, wax, styling cream and hair dryer as a range of styling products to style your hair on the top of the head – you can buy them all or or just pick one. The only product however that you really need is a hair clipper!

Recommended products

These are the products we recommend as they will work great not only for your 2 step undercut but also for many other mens haircuts and hairstyles. A hair clipper allows you to cut your hair in many other shapes and you can even go back to a regular undercut by simply clipping the first step – hair that was clipped to a #4 – to a #2 so it blends with the second step.

Get this cordless premium hair clipper from Andis: this linked clipper is a top quality hair clipper by Andis that is cordless so it is very convenient as a tool to clip your hair. The hair clipper in the link comes with everything you need in a clipper including a wide range of guards so you can choose the perfect buzzing length. The hair clipper will buzz without a rest for over 1 hour & constantly buzzing the thickest hair possible & without overheating, its that good. We recommend this hair clipper 100% if you have the money for it as it is the perfect investment and will be with you for YEARS.

You can use the Andis clipper in the link to clip and trim your side burns extending to your face that form your beard. So you have an excellent tool that will take care of just about all hair in your body!

Get this other hair clipper from Wahl: if the Andis hair clipper above is too expensive, then get the linked hair clipper which is made by high quality manufacturer Wahl. The clipper comes as a full set with an additional detailed trimmer included in the set – great for touch ups & facial hair – and the clipper set comes as a full set just like the Andis clipper.

The linked clipper from Wahl is a great introductory clipper for your undercuts although it obviously isn’t the Andis clipper.

Get this pomade: the pomade in the link has a good hold similar to wax so it is great for shaping your 2 step with a pompadour or with slicked back styles. The good thing about this pomade is that it is water based so it is much easier to wash than then regular pomades. It also provides some sheen but doesn’t give the greasy look of the regular pomades.

Get this hair wax: the hair wax in the link is great for shaping your hair with a natural look and for giving volume to your hair such as with brush ups or messy hairstyles. You can tousle and mess your hair with the wax which gives a messy effect that is clean & sharp. Great wax for any casual shaping!

Get this styling cream: the styling cream in the link is great to control frizz & to give thickness to the hair. This styling cream is specially useful for men with curly hair & for styling curly hair in hairstyles like the side part, the afro or for slicking the hair back.

Get this 3 panel mirror: the 3 panel mirror in the link is another optional product that is a great purchase if its good with your budget. The 3 panel mirror is not expensive and will help you a lot when giving yourself any haircuts – including the 2 step undercut – as you will be able to see your head from all angles which makes the haircut easier to do & more convenient. Its three mirrors that can be adjusted including magnifying & zooming in so this 3 panel mirror is not only great for your haircuts but also for shaving & grooming your face.

Get this hair dryer: a hair dryer is an optional styling tool but it will surely give you lots of benefits if you use it. The hair dryer in the link is an excellent hair dryer as it dries your hair faster & better without causing damage to the hair. Most hair dryers will fry your hair specially the cheap ones so you are doing your hair a favour by using this dryer. This dryer will give you extra volume on your hair that would be impossible to get without the dryer so you can get some very cool big volume hairstyles going on with your hair by simply pointing this hair dryer to your hair as you style it into your favourite hairstyle!

This haircut guide can also be found through this 2 Step Undercut hairstyle guide.

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