2 Step Undercut Hairstyle with Lumbersexual Beard

Become a lumbersexual with a 2 Step Undercut and a shaggy beard

We have covered in the past how the new lumbersexual beard is doing the rounds in 2015 across the hipster community and among males who like to keep up with fashion trends, and we have also published a guide on the 2 Step Undercut hairstyle, a favorite hairstyle trend in 2014 and 2015. Thus, when we find both the lumbersexual beard (aka hipster beard) blended with a 2 Steps Undercut, we have to blog about it.

The two step Undercut

This particular haircut has become popular again in the last year after it was last used in the mid-20th century (together with petrolatum-based greasy pomades!). At its core, the 2 Step Undercut is an Undercut haircut that has an additional layer of undercut hair. The 2 Step Undercut became popular in 2014 after it was popularized online by sites like the Men’s Hair Forum and Manly Curls. This 2-step haircut was actually a spin-off of another popular haircut in 2014: the mid contour haircut or executive haircut. At some point in late 2013, some guy had the idea that, instead of tapering the sides as per a mid contour haircut, the sides would be clipped in two undercuts, using two hair clipper lengths instead of a single hair clipper length as per the regular undercut hairstyle. And thus the 2-Step Undercut was born.

The Lumbersexual beard

A Lumbersexual beard is basically a full unkempt beard that resembles the typical beards of lumberjack men (as well as of homeless men). In fact, a lumbersexual beard is just an accessory of the whole attire of being a lumbersexual dude.

You see, during the mid-2000s, we had the metrosexuals, then the ubersexuals and, now, the lumbersexuals. Essentially, the goal of the lumbersexual is to have the rugged manly look of a lumberjack blended blended with the modern-dude Starbucks-addicted hipster lifestyle. Some people have called lumbersexuals out as the trend is more of an “all show and no go” look than anything else. At least metrosexuals, as annoying as some of them could be, looked great and were into the lifestyle of looking great. Anyway, I digress.

Blend the lumbersexual beard with a slicked back 2 Steps Undercut and…

You get this.

A hipster with the slicked back undercut hairstyle and a full beard

This picture could very well be the epitome of a lumbersexual. The beard is full, thick and unkempt, the undercut steps are carefully clipped and the hair is slicked back with pomade. The look does actually look great, but I think the great slicked back hairstyle of his is what balances the somewhat-unaesthetic beard. Of course, and as I’ve written in the past, the guy in the picture is a handsome male model, so the actual look may very well look completely the opposite of what it looks on the picture above.

Always bear in mind that any style or look, as bad as it may be, will look great on a handsome male model whose pictures are then re-touched by professional agencies after the pictures have been taken by an actual professional photographer. Your mileage will certainly vary when it comes to such risky styles, but you can always count on yours truly (when my schedule allows) to help you with any hairstyles that you want to try. Just be aware that I always give real non-sugar-coated feedback when it comes to a hairstyle suiting someone. After all, that’s one of our duties as barbers: to give our customers the best haircuts and hairstyles according to their specific case.

What do you guys think of the lumbersexual trend? Feel free to let us know of your opinion in the comments below and, as usual, any hairstyle questions that you may have can also be asked below!

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