Benefits of a Good Hairstyle and Haircut

Ever wondered of what the right hairstyle can do for you? The read ahead for the 4 benefits that a good mens hairstyle can give you.

Top Hairstyles for Men and Their Benefits

No one needs to tell you that the world is a tough place. You work hard, play hard, then follow it up with a healthy amount of sleeping hard. Is there even any leftover time to be thinking about your hairstyle? It doesn’t seem like it, but your hair is worth finding a little extra time in your schedule. Here are the top 4 reasons why styling your male hairstyle and your hair is important:

A Good Hairstyle is Attractive

The ultimate reason to style your hair? It’s attractive. Seriously – science has proved that great hair leads to good times. As mammals, we’re attracted to nice hair on a primal level. Play into people’s natural instincts. Whoever you’re trying to look good for will appreciate the extra time and effort you put into making your hair look good. It only takes a couple minutes in front of the mirror to completely set yourself apart from the pack. Don’t blend in with all the other guys. With so few taking the extra time to part your hair or comb it, you and your well-dressed hair will be the center of attention. When is that ever a bad thing?

A handsome man with a messy hairstyle

A Good Hairstyle Can Reverse Nature

We all know how it is – sometimes you’re just dealt a bad hand. You may have no control over what hair you were born with. Is your hair frizzy and bushy? Thin and oily? There are special products formulated in laboratories dedicated to bringing out the best in your hair. Whether you want your natural hair smoother, spiky, wavy, slick, or soft, science has made a product for it. Don’t let nature back you into a corner. Fight back – its your hair. Make it do what you want.

A Good Hairstyle is Built-In Camouflage

From a prominent nose to a round, full face, hair is an excellent way to play up your best features and hide your flaws. Different tricks work for different faces – those with very round faces will find asymmetrical cuts flattering, while small cheekbones on a thin face can be brought out by keeping your hair short and spiked. Figure out your best feature and play it up by getting a haircut that shows it off, front and center. It camouflages the less impressive parts of the face at the same time.

Even the Nazis themselves looked pretty aesthetic with their 2 step undercut hairstyles and SS haircuts!

A Nazi German soldier with a SS haircut also known as an undercut hairstyle

A Good Hairstyle is the Most Efficient Way to Look Better

Forget buying a whole new wardrobe of clothes or breaking the bank on new shoes. If you’re trying to impress someone romantically, in line for a big promotion at work, or going after a new job, the most efficient visual pick-me-up is a new hairstyle. Provided you have a decent cut to start with, product will rarely cost more than ten bucks or more than ten minutes to apply. When your hair looks incredible because you took the time to style it, people make sure to notice. The best part is spending less than ten bucks and ten minutes for all that attention.

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