Brush Up Hairstyle for Men Guide

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A 2014 guide on the Brush Up hairstyle for guys

The Brush Up hairstyle is a mens hairstyle that involves the hair brushed up in an Undercut or taper haircut. Also known as a “brush up” or brushed up hairstyle, the brush up hairstyle owes its name to a brainstorming we did here at the Men’s Hair Forum where we came up with the name due to the hairstyle’s similarity to the Brush Cut in terms of the aesthetics of the style (albeit the Brush Cut is a much shorter hairstyle). The name can be traced back to the use of the style by men’s hair expert Rogelio of The Men’s Hair Book who has also pioneered hairstyling names such as the metro mullet and the side square.

Pictures of the Brush up hairstyle

In this Brush Up guide, we will be covering the haircut and styling instructions as well as the recommended products to get the best Brushed up style possible. However, let’s first start with some pictures to show you how the Brush up looks. In the pictures below of the Brush Up, the male celebrities who have worn this hairstyle include Zayn Malik, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars and Val Kilmer as Tom “Iceman” Kazanski in Top Gun.

Zayn Malik with a 2014 brush up hairstyle

Val Kilmer with a brushed up hairstyle in the movie Top Gun

Bruno Mars in 2013 with a brush up hairstyle

Haircut for the Brush up hairstyle

The Brush up is a medium length hairstyle for men. The hair on the top of the head is left at a length between 2 to 4 inches, while the sides are either left in an Undercut (evenly clipped, you can do this haircut yourself) or in a taper haircut (a hair clipper taper, best done by a barber). The Brush up is best styled for the hair types of straight hair and wavy hair, and it is not recommended for coiled curly hair nor for kinky curly hair.

A Brush up can also be achieved with a short haircut on the top of the head, but the minimum length for short hair should be 1.5 inches and preferably 2 inches. Be aware though that, from 2 inches onwards, hair length goes from the short category to the medium length category. Since the ideal length for this hairstyle is 2 to 4 inches, it is thus that the Brush Up style is a medium length mens hairstyle.

How to do the Brushed up hairstyle

Once you have the right haircut as per the above length requirements, you will style the brush up using a hair dryer and your fingers as well as either a comb or a brush (in the case of wavy hair, use a wide tooth comb and not a regular comb).

To do the styling, start by having your hair damp (e.g. after shower and after being towel dried) and then coat your hair in hair wax, initially styling the hair up with your fingers as you coat the hair in wax. Then grab a comb or hair brush (up to your preference) and style the hair up again but this time using the comb or brush. It doesn’t matter that your hair is not fully styled up, just get as much up as possible with the comb or brush. Now use a hair dryer to point it to the forelock (hair on the front of your head) and use your fingers only to drive the hair up again as the hair dryer is pointing to the hair and letting out warm air (i.e. blow drying).

Once you have set the front (which is in all effects a Quiff hairstyle) as per the above instructions, you then move to other sections of your hair to continue to style up with the fingers as the hair dryer is pointed to the new sections you work on. You can re-apply more hair wax to your hair as you keep shaping the style up with the hair dryer and fingers.

Justin Bieber with a brush up hair style

Hair products for the Brush Up

The Brush Up only requires a couple of products although you need to make sure that they are of good quality. Failure to choose good enough products for this hairstyle will result in a Brush Up that is all over the place and fails to get enough length up. All products that are of high quality and needed for this style are recommended further down in this guide.

For the Brush Up you will need a good hair wax. Hair wax will allow you to get the hair held up with good volume and with slick at medium lengths (and also without the “drier” look that hair gel gives). You may also use hair gel instead of wax although you will achieve a drier and crispier look with the gel. Furthermore you can also get a good mousse which will give you maximum volume and definition; a good hair mousse goes great for men with thinning hair or with wavy hair so as to encourage volume and the waves becoming more defined.

Lastly, you can seal it all off with a good hair spray that will have the hair held in place and add some shine. However, whether you choose a hair wax, gel or mousse, each of those 3 styling products should have enough holding strength to keep the hair styled up (the recommendations below will all ensure this). The hair spray is more of a finisher for a further shaped and sheen style.

  • Get this hair wax: this hair wax in the link is excellent for a more natural-looking Brush up. It will give you good definition and good hold too.
  • Get this hair wax: this hair wax in the link is great for more defined styled where you are looking to have a extra strong hold and shaping ability. Not so much of a natural look as opposed to a more shaped look.
  • Get this hair gel: the hair gel in the link is great for a drier and crispier look. It will last all day and define wavy hair.
  • Get this hair mousse: this hair mousse in the link is great for wavy hair and for men with thinning hair. The mousse will give you extra volume to your hair and will define the wavy hair into more lustrous waves.
  • Get this hair spray: the hair spray in the link is great to finish off the Brush up and add some sheen and flexibility to the hair. Furthermore, when combined with the mousse (mousse is used first), the hair spray in the link will provide a wet look effect.
  • Get this hair dryer: this hair dryer in the link is an excellent hair dryer that will dry your hair much better than regular dryers. This hair dryer combines the latest technologies to achieve a more polished styling finish to your hair while minimizing any damage to the hair. In fact, while regular dryers will fry and damage your hair with regular use, this hair dryer in the link will not. And while it isn’t a cheap hair dryer, this hair dryer is very much worth its purchase as it will last you years and last so much longer than conventional hair dryers.
  • Get this regular comb: if you need a high quality nicely-priced comb, then get the comb in the link.
  • Get this wide tooth comb: if you have wavy hair, you must use a wide tooth comb to style your hair up (regular combs will break your hair). Get the wide tooth comb in the link for a high quality and lasting product.
  • Get this cordless hair clipper: this hair clipper in the link is the excellence of cordless clippers. It has a rotary motor to clip through the thickest hair and where most hair clippers simply fail. You can use this hair clipper to give yourself an Undercut (just choose a #2 guiding comb and clip everything below the temple line) or any other kind of mens cut that isn’t one to do with a Brush up. This hair clipper in the link comes with everything necessary for the best of self haircuts and includes a wide range of guiding combs to allow for a lot of haircut lengths that you can choose from.
  • Get The Men’s Hair Book: this book is the essential reading for men who want to improve their hair. The Men’s Hair Book was written by hair expert Rogelio to provide an encyclopedia style resource about men’s hair, including hairstyles, hair care and grooming. We recommend this book 100% in our forum as it is a book that will help you a lot to achieve the best hair you can get.

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