Businessman Haircut and Side Part Guide

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A guide on the classic businessman haircut with side part

The classic businessman style is a taper haircut with a side part hairstyle on the top as the sides and back of the head are tapered with either shears, a hair clipper or both. The actual taper haircut (on the sides/back) can also be known as a businessman cut, a regular haircut, a classic haircut, a convertible haircut, a gentleman haircut or a fade haircut (when done with a hair clipper and the hairline buzzed to skin). Depending on how long the hair is to be trimmed on the sides and back and how long it will be at the hairline, the taper can also be labeled as to skin, short, medium, long or extra long.

The hair on the top of the head for this classic look is left at an even length anywhere from 1 inch to 4 inches, it’s really up to the preference of the male choosing this look. The hair is parted to the side perpendicular to the parted line with no fringe or a minimal fringe, using a good men’s comb (this one is essential for side parting) or by using the fingers. The taper cut together with the side part style is what is known as a businessman hairstyle or businessman look.

The businessman look goes great with men who enjoy looking classic, formal and well-groomed. Such a hair style is great for office settings and the nature of the haircut allows for the hair to be styled in other ways too, so the tapered businessman hairstyle is a winner in just about all situations. Lastly, the hair products needed for this classic men’s style are minimal and men with the hair types straight, wavy and curly coiled can get this style without a problem.

Pictures of the taper haircut with a side parted Businessman style

Lots of oldschool dudes have worn the classic businessman side part, including Robert Redford in The Great Gatsby, Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby (2013 remake), Cary Grant and John F. Kennedy.

Here are some pictures that will surely inspire you:

Cary Grant with a classic business haircut for men

Christian Bale with a businessmen haircut style

Steve Carell with a businessman haircut for The Office

Hair products for the Businessman look

If you want to rock the business man style look, then you have to go back to the basics and invest in the tools that will give you that gentleman look with ease while looking like you mean business! (pun intended Big Grin)

You will need a solid men’s comb, a good pomade, hair gel or hair mousse and a good high-quality hair clipper. All these products will be of use for any other hair styles and cuts you have in mind so even if you’re not planing yet for a businessman look, I still recommend you to get the hair products needed for this particular look. Remember that the taper haircut for the businessman look is also known as a convertible haircut which means that you can change the styling of the hair from a side part to anything else such as a brush up, a pompadour, a slick back, a quiff and other cool men’s styles.

Get the following mens hair products for the businessman haircut.

  • Get this men’s comb: handmade and robust. Even if you already own a comb, you must get this men’s comb as the one lined will last you an eternity and will never let you odnw.
  • Get this hair pomade: this linked pomade goes great for side parts that can be flat, such as in a side swept, or that can have some volume, such as a side finger comb. Whatever it is, this pomade is an essential product for you.
  • Get this hair gel: this hair gel will make your hair harder for a dryer look. Gets the job done without any issue whatsoever and is a hair gel that will be of use for many other styles you have in mind.
  • Get this hair mousse: the hair mousse in the link goes great for giving your hair some volume in the side parting of your locks, so make sure that you use your fingers to comb the hair to the side. This hair mousse also goes great for dudes with wavy and curly coiled hair.
  • Get this high quality hair clipper: a great-quality hair clipper that comes with absolutely everything you will need for the best haircuts and buzzing experiences ever! The hair clipper lasts over one hour without a break and it will buzz the thickest of manes (even dogs LOL). It will last you years and it is very much worth its price without a doubt
  • Get The Men’s Hair Book: this is the only book and reading material you will ever need and has been written by men’s hair expert Rogelio. Not only does the book cover men’s hairstyles and haircuts but it is loaded with golden advice on hair care, men’s grooming and even hair profiling! The book also has plenty of visuals such as drawings, diagrams and tables to guide you through the book and also has chapters on debunking the many myths surround male hair and also a Q&A huge chapter for even the tiniest of questions. The Men’s Hair Book is the encyclopedia of hair and it is a must-have for any male wanting to have better hair.

You may also find this mens hairstyle guide on this Businessman Haircut guide.

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