Children Hairstyles – Cool Curly Hair Boy Picture

How to go about your child’s curly hairstyle

Many times, those of us in the hair profession tend to put too much emphasis on the hairstyles of adults. Truth be told, most parents prefer to give their children a buzz cut haircut so as to have to worry about one less issue in their parenthood. Thus there isn’t much talk about children hairstyles, and especially about boys hairstyles.

Curly hair can be a tough cookie to deal with, and curly hair in children has certain elements to it that make it’s handling somewhat difficult. I’m not the only one saying so online, there are curly hair experts like Rogelio Samson from or online curly hairdressers at Naturally Curly’s forum who have documented how most parents of curly haired children prefer to buzz their children’s coils and ringlets. Fortunately, some parents will fight the urge to buzz their kids’ curls and instead give their kids more unique hair styles such as this temple fade haircut on a redhead kid!

The hair care for kids’ curly hair is exactly the same as for curly haired adult. You may, however, choose a baby shampoo over a regular shampoo for your child’s hair as children have the tendency to keep their eyes open when bathed. Other than that, it’s the same as for curly hair men (if talking about boys, which I am in this article). Since children are usually running around everywhere and doing all kinds of wild stuff, I recommend you to work out a good frequency of conditioner use since keeping your child’s curly hair conditioned and moisturized is the number one tip for keeping the tangles and hair knots at bay.

The result of handling the curly mane of your child with good care? See it for yourself in the picture below. Just as you can see with the picture, I recommend a loose and free-styled hairstyle for curly hair boys, not any of the more complicated hairstyles that pull and stress their hair. Keep their hair conditioned, and your boy will have a great mane of curls!

A cute boy with curly hair in a long hairstyle and no haircut

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  1. Andrea
    December 23, 2018 at 8:57 pm

    Wow. This little boy is my sons doppelgänger. I mean spitting image… it’s actually kind of creepy. He’s older now and I wonder if they still look alike. If anyone knows this kids family I’d love to connect with them.

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