Disconnected Haircut with Designer Beard Style and Pompadour

Get a disconnected pompadour with a designer beard style!

This isn’t the first time that we point to the full beard style or designer beard style being a great facial hairstyle for disconnected haircuts. The truth is that a well-blended beard via the sideburns will always suit a disconnected haircut like an undercut. Furthermore, it’s imperative to ensure that the hair on the top transitions to the sides and back smoothly, be it as an undercut, a 2-step undercut or a fade haircut.

In the picture below, we have a gentleman who came to the barbershop for a fast hair clipper taper. He wanted the top at 4 inches of length so as to keep his hair in a brushed-up pompadour hairstyle, which was to be enhanced with a horizontal razor line. Moreover, he came with a full shaggy beard, otherwise known as a hipster beard, which was then trimmed and shaped up to complement the disconnected haircut and pompadour.

A pictue of a gentleman with an undercut haircut and a pompadour hairstyle blended with a designer beard style

The result, as seen above, was that a fast taper haircut was done with hair clipper only, paying special attention to the connection between the hair on the sides of the head and the facial hair via the sideburns. It’s at the sideburns where a haircut is made or broken when it comes to connecting facial hair with scalp hair; ergo, much care was used to keep the lines shaped up and trimmed at an even length.

The pompadour hair style on the top was blow-dried with a hair dryer and styled with a water-soluble strong-hold pomade. The shaping up of the beard and of the razor line was achieved with a t-outliner.

As usual, if you have any questions about this particular hairstyle and haircut, feel free to let us know!

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