Epic Slicked Back Curly Hair Guide

How to slick back your curls: wavy, coiled or kinky curly

With the popularity of the slicked back undercut and of slicked back hair in general, curly hair men have been among the first to ask question on how to slick back hair. In fact and to be more specific, they’ve been asking how to slick back curly hair.

A picture of a curly guy with slicked back hair

Depending on your hair type and on how curly your hair really is, you will be able to slick your hair back or not. What’s your hair type? You may ask; well, I’d recommend that you either buy a book called The Men’s Hair Book (from Amazon or your nearest bookstore) or head over to a website called ManlyCurls.com which specializes in men’s hair and curly hair. Why am I recommending either of these two hair-type sources? Because Rogelio Samson (author of the book and website) developed a pretty neat hair type guide for men. In his guide, he divides men’s hair in 4 types, of which 3 are curly hair variants.

The hair types: wavy hair, coiled hair or kinky curly hair

While I recommend you to either check Rogelio’s website or book, I’d like to give you a quick summary of what the curly hair types are: wavy hair, coiled hair and kinky curly hair.

Wavy hair

According to Rogelio Samson, wavy hair is hair that bends and curves that never gets to make a full curl unless the hair grows long. An example of a man with wavy hair would be Adrian Grenier.

Coiled hair

Coiled hair would be what most people would think of as “curly hair”. Coiled hair makes full curls at medium lengths and bends at short lengths. An example of a guy with coiled curly hair would be Justin Timberlake.

A picture showing the cool curly hair of a young Justin Timberlake

Kinky curly hair

Kinky curly hair is the last of the 3 hair types. This particular hair type will form full coils (aka “kinks”) at very short lengths and is known for being quite hard to style. Another name for kinky curly hair would be afro textured hair, as kinky curly hair is a very common hair type among black guys. An example of a man with kinky curly hair would be Lenny Kravitz.

How to get slicked back curly hair

Let m first say that back slicking curly hair is surprisingly easy. I tell this all the time to my curly-haired barbershop customers, but many seem to have the notion of curly hair being impossible to slick back ingrained in their brain. What’s worse is that may of these same men haven’t ever attempted to slick back their curly locks! For the record, curly men tend to have the same hairstyle notion when it comes to the side swept hairstyle: any hairstyle that requires the hair to be minimally flat is deemed as impossible by most inexperienced curly guys.

To start slicking back your curls, start first from a “damp hair” state. This is very important; men with straight hair can get away with this, but you as a curly dude certainly can’t!

Grab an oil-based pomade and use your fingers to cover your curls with the pomade. Ideally, use an oil pomade for your curly hair instead of the more-modern water-based pomades. Once your hair is covered in the oil pomade, grab a wide tooth comb and start combing your hair back, starting from the forehead and ending where the crown of your head is (back of the top of the head). Once you have set the direction of the hair with the wide-tooth comb after combing the hair back, it’s time to use your fingers. Simply finger style your curls by using them as rakes to continue slicking the hair back. Do this until you’re happy with how your slicked curly mane looks.

A black and white photo of a latin man with his curly hair slicked back with oil pomade


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