Man Bun Hairstyle: Where to Place It on Your Head?

With the popularity of the man bun hairstyle, it’s normal that people have questions about it. One of the questions I am asked at our barbershop is where to put the man bun on the head. Most men when growing their hair are beginners to long hair so they are unsure of where to place their hair-tied hairstyles such as buns and ponytails.

Introduction to the man bun

The man bun is one of the long hairstyles for men. It’s a relatively-new men’s hairstyle that was popularized by male celebrities such as Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix. However, long hair men had been using the manbun as a hairstyle for many decades and even centuries before, and I can remember hair-icon David Beckham wearing a ponybun (a blend of a bun and ponytail) way back in the early 2000s. Regardless, the man bun has in the last 2 years become a trendy men’s hairstyle. And not just the man bun, but long hair itself has also become a trendy style for men both for 2014 and 2015 (and I think long hair still has a couple of good years as a trendy men’s hair style).

A hipster with a man bun and beard

Where to put your manbun

You can tie your bun whether you only have long hair on the top of your head (e.g. by having an undercut haircut) or whether you have long hair all around your head. It doesn’t matter, but you should have at least 6 inches of hair length. To give you an idea of how long it takes to grow long hair for a male, it takes one whole year to grow 6 inches of hair length starting from a buzz cut haircut.

When tying your bun, you should aim to leave it placed on the crown of your head; the crown of your head is also known as the vertex or back of the top of your head. Such positioning of the bun on your head is the most aesthetic for men. This is where your man bun should be placed for best aesthetic results:

A hair style picture with the correct head position of the man bun hairstyle

A picture with the correct position of the manbun hairstyle A male with a man bun hairstyle and the classic hipster beard

Having said the above, there are no actual hairstyling rules and you can certainly tie your bun and place it anywhere you want on your head. You can place the bun on the center of the top of your head; this is known as a pineapple hairstyle or pineapple bun. Likewise, you can place your bun on the back of your head; this is known as a high bun (if placed on the upper side of the back of your head just below the crown) or a low bun (if placed on the lower side of the back of the head close to the nape).

In any case and when in doubt, place your man bun on the crown!

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