Men Hairstyles Trends 2014

As we are half way through 2014, the mens hairstyles trends have settled and more and more men are picking on their particular favorite trendy hairstyle. The mens hairstyles trends for 2014 include volume hairstyles like the brush up hairstyle and the “big and curly” hair style as well as the undercut (as usual!) with some side part or side swept style.

I would like to post some pictures of the mens hairstyles in 2014 that have absolutely killed it. So here it goes!


The undercut with a side swept is a hairstyle for guys that never grows too old.

The undercut hairstyle with a side swept style

Brush up hairstyle

The brush up hairstyle is a hairstyle coined by mens hair expert Rogelio Samson of The Men’s Hair Book (great book by the way, I highly recommend that you get it). The 2014 brush up is similar to a blowout hair style only that there is more of a messy focus on the brush up as opposed to the blowout. Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber have worn brush up hairstyles in 20143 and 2014.

Zayn Malik with a 2014 brush up hairstyle

Messy styles

Shaggy cuts and tousled locks are the name of the game for medium hair styles. Anything from 2 inches to 6 inches is good to go.

A man with messy hair

Curly hair

Rogelio Samson has turned the tables for curly hair men. Nowadays and thanks to Rogelio, curly men can obtain all their needed curly hair information and start to re-define their styles. The Curly Hair Book is another book written by Rogelio Samson that I highly recommend as it gives you everything to do with having great curly locks!

A man with curly hair

Long hair

Jared Leto sported a man bun in early 2014, and other celebrities who grew their locks in 2013 also followed suit, as was the case of Joaquin Phoenix. Long hair is in for 2014 and I predict that it will also be in for 2015!

jared leto long hair sag awards

1 comment for “Men Hairstyles Trends 2014

  1. James Evans
    January 30, 2015 at 9:35 am

    Dude you are so right about the hairstyle trends for 2014! I can only wonder what’s going to be like now with 2015 hairstyles. I am still seeing the manbun hairstyle and long hair guys. Seems like the trend is to grow hair long, even for the undercut.

    What do you think?

    Oh and thanks for letting me know about that website as it looks like the perfect place to discuss trendy mens hairstyles and haircuts. They have some good barber discussions in that thread you linked to so I’m going to have a deeper look at the forum.

    James (fellow barber from Los Angeles!)

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