Sexy Undercut Hairstyle With Beard

If you are into hair aesthetics and looking dapper, then you should seriously consider suitable hairstyles for beards. In this picture, you can see an undercut hairstyle with beard, which is a freaking cool and aesthetic male style.

Hair aesthetics is a term that has been gaining popularity via the Men’s Hair Forum and the book The Men’s Hair Book by Rogelio Samson. It’s a new trend where your hair should be customized to your looks and not the other way round. The crowd at the Men’s Hair Forum are really cool and they have some top barbers in there so it’s worth the visiting of that forum for some more men’s hairstyle inspiration.

Back to the undercut with beard, I would say this male hairstyle would look great on any age group, from young men to old men. However, I consider the beard plus undercut a true hipster hairstyle! Although the under-cut (alternative spelling) is an actual military haircut!

What do you think of this actual hairstyle? Do you like it?

Sexy man with undercut hairstyle and beard

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