Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle Length with Jimmy Darmody

The perfect hair length for the slick back undercut

Jimmy Darmody’s undercut hairstyle with slicked back hair is possible the most famous slicked back hair style as of the last couple of years. Starring in the TV series Boardwalk Empire, Jimmy Darmody is played by Michael Pitt who too sports a slicked undercut in real life.

A picture of the Jimmy Damordy undercut hairstyle

As a barber, one common question that I get is how long does the slicked back undercut need to be. So not only as barbers do we get asked questions about the less popular haircuts like the Ivy League haircut but we also answer daily questions about the latest mens hairstyles trends which include the undercut hairstyle and any of its hairstyling variants.

The perfect hair length for the slicked back undercut

Now, the cool thing about the undercut is that it allows for much creative expression, so you can pretty much have the hair on the top of your head as long as you want. However, if aesthetics matter to you, then the perfect length for the slicked back undercut is between 4 to 6 inches long. Such a hair length range is classified as a medium to long length, and it’s the best hair length for the slick back undercut. As a matter of fact, the slicked back hair of Jimmy Darmody’s undercut hairstyle is 6 inches long, which is why his hair is loose and dangling for much of his screen time as he is always on the go and getting into trouble. Hair that is as long as 6 inches will hang down if it is of the straight and wavy hair type (as is Michael Pitt’s hair), and you need a very strong pomade to hold the hair in place and slicked back.

The slicked back hair of Jimmy Darmody in Boardwalk Empire

The slick back undercut of Jimmy Darmody

For those of you who may not be very acquainted with who Jimmy Darmody is (and for those of you who do too know him), I’m leaving below a couple more pictures of Jimmy Darmody’s undercut hairstyle so that you get a good idea of how the popular slicked back undercut looks. For the record, a similar hairstyle to the slick back is the side swept style which also slicks the hair but, instead of slicking the hair back, the hair is slicked to the side.

Happy slicking, gentlemen!

A picture showing the perfect length for the slicked back undercut hairstyle The hair length of Jimmy Darmody

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